Weight Loss

How to loose up to 4lbs in 2 week s If you have a special occasion or an event coming up and you have eyed that beautiful dress that your dreaming about fitting into then be sure to carry on reading.  There are so many ways to loose 4 lbs in as short as 3-4 days but i personally don't believe in killing yourself to loose weight nor going in those crazy crash diets (which i have no idea why people even do it). Loosing 2 lbs per week is the healthiest and best for your overall health and NO it doesn't involve starving yourself. Okay lets get started, here are my tips on loosing up to 4lbs in 2 weeks : Tip #1 Hide that Sugar or even better throw it in the trash and substitute it with honey. If your already accustomed to the taste  then this would be a breeze for you but for the rest of you, you may find it a little weird at first but you will get over it. Tip #2 Take that delicious packet of chips/ popcorn /pretzels and throw it (don't cry though). Stop buying

Fashion Diaries

When in doubt wear Maroon. I have always wondered why the color maroon is so under-rated and i hardly see it on people nowadays. Its the perfect color for fall, summer and even winter. Maroon is a dark brownish red color which takes its name from the french word 'marron', or 'chestnut'. Apparently the Oxford English Dictionary describes it as "a brownish crimson or claret color". Now there is a small difference between Maroon and Burgundy although they appear like siblings. Burgundy tends towards the red than the brown although it looks pretty similar. I know some of you must be like "pshhhhh i knew that"!!! Okay this is for girls like me who get a little confused with colors sometimes (I ain't no fashion designer ).   Alrighty then! Now that we got our facts right, lets get to the fun stuff which is.. styling maroon outfits. Oops! Before I get into that let me just tell you that growing up i have always felt that maroon is always the

How I Lost 22 lbs after having a Baby

How I Lost 22 lbs after having a Baby Let me start off by saying if you are comfortable with your weight and you are perfectly happy with it, then this post will be a tad bit boring for you. This is for all the mamas out there who had a baby and feel miserable the moment they get on the weighing scale or look in the mirror. I think the first thing to sort of tell yourself would be that everything will be ok and you will get through this phase of your life. Let me share my weight loss journey with you hopefully motivating you in someway or the other. After having my second baby i had gained around 22 lbs which might seem fine if it wasnt for the terrible knee pain and fatigue that came along with it. Growing up i was always on the slimmer side although not entirely slim but definitely not overweight. So the changes that my body went through after childbirth was pretty unbelievable. Aside from enjoying my newborn baby i was also disgusted at myself and the fact that i couldn't