How I Lost 22 lbs after having a Baby

How I Lost 22 lbs after having a Baby

Let me start off by saying if you are comfortable with your weight and you are perfectly happy with it, then this post will be a tad bit boring for you. This is for all the mamas out there who had a baby and feel miserable the moment they get on the weighing scale or look in the mirror.
I think the first thing to sort of tell yourself would be that everything will be ok and you will get through this phase of your life.
Let me share my weight loss journey with you hopefully motivating you in someway or the other. After having my second baby i had gained around 22 lbs which might seem fine if it wasnt for the terrible knee pain and fatigue that came along with it.
Growing up i was always on the slimmer side although not entirely slim but definitely not overweight. So the changes that my body went through after childbirth was pretty unbelievable. Aside from enjoying my newborn baby i was also disgusted at myself and the fact that i couldn't fit into anything anymore. I was practically living off of ma husband's T shirts  and i was also breastfeeding my baby which apparently meant you should eat well. Which by the way if you are from the south Asian culture, you will definitely have a lot of people telling you to eat, eat and eat so that your baby will have milk. Now this(the weight gain) could take a big toll on yourself if your not careful...

First comes disgust,  then self-hate and then depression. The thing about weight loss is that you have to take it seriously and not something you do a for a couple of weeks like a crash diet and then stop. It HAS to be a lifestyle like there is no other way around it. If you ask me what are the 3 things you need to loose 20+ lbs i would say
  1.  Motivation : 
  2. determination 
  3. Never give up attitude 

1. Motivation : This is very important if you are not motivated enough to loose weight you will not be consistent and hence you will have a problem. So what kept me going? Well, i am the usual girl who loves her clothes and shopping. Before i started on weight loss i bought this really pretty top that i wanted to fit into in a size smaller than i was at the time. I kept the top somewhere visible whenever i went to my closet and kept telling myself that i am going to fit into that in a couple of months. I also joined Instagram and followed all the inspiring weight loss pages which by the way was the best thing ever! I Found motivation in all those women who lost 100+ lbs and realized if they can do it so can i. I also started searching for fun ways to workout since i am the kind of person who gets bored easily. From yoga to zumba to swimming to HIIT (High-intensity interval training) the latter was a total miracle which i will explain later. So motivation is key...

2. Determination : Before you start on your weight loss journey i would advice you not to tell anyone that you are trying to loose weight. The reason being there will be a lot of people telling you things that might completely destroy your motivation or focus. For instance i had a few people tell me that its not possible to loose weight after the second baby since your body has gone through so much and besides i should stop focusing on myself and focus on the baby. And of course some negativity will always come your way no matter what you do. Now this can completely destroy your determination and loose your focus ...
So the best thing to do is start your journey without telling anyone because trust me the results will talk for itself. Determination is very crucial for weight loss if you are not determined that you will do it and be positive it wont happen.Wake up every morning determined to eat right and workout to get the results that you want.
They say you will become the person you hang out with so if you hang out with people who are careless on their themselves there is a big chance of being influenced by that. Now i am not telling you to go crazy strict on diet because you are human .....neither should you unfriend people who are like that but if you have goals and you are determined to fulfill them don't let anyone hold you back.. So be focused and determined in loosing that extra fat.

3. The "Never give up" attitude : I know its easier said than done but you will go through a roller coaster of emotions so keep your eye on the prize and work it girl! I think more than the physical part its the psychological toll you go through after having a baby... not to mention the pouring of opinions from each and everyone you meet.
 There might come a point when your weight loss slows down and you think this is it.... i am done... We always underestimate our bodies and what its capable of doing so don't give up even though you maybe only loosing 2/3 lbs in a month .... just keep going or perhaps change your schedule or workout routine if its getting dull. The moment you see the lbs falling off you might feel overconfident and that you have already reached your goal. Your friends and family might even compliment you on how fabulous you look and that you don't need to loose anymore weight. So smile to them and tell yourself "you aint seen nothing yet" and work it ! Don't give up keep moving.

As women we should all be very proud of how our bodies are so unique and that we can bear children and still loose all that baggage if we put our mind to it.
The most important thing to keep in mind is to love yourself (however conceited that may sound) because if you love yourself you will do whatever is right to keep your body and mind healthy. Remember health is wealth and if your not healthy you will end up very unhappy.
As you can see here loosing weight is not rocket science its pretty simple for the most part only thing is that you should want it pretty bad. keep yourself motivated and be determined to get the results you want and Never give-up till you reach your goal. Good Luck.

Disclosure: I am not by any means a professional weight loss expert but the experiences shared are my own.


  1. Awesome blog, happy to read about your weight loss journey, you look fabulous...

  2. So inspiring! Could you elaborate your diet? I know diet is as important if not more important than exercise regime. Please advise! Thnx

    1. Thanks love! I will definitely make another blog post about diet secrets for weight loss.


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