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How to loose up to 4lbs in 2 weeks

If you have a special occasion or an event coming up and you have eyed that beautiful dress that your dreaming about fitting into then be sure to carry on reading. 
There are so many ways to loose 4 lbs in as short as 3-4 days but i personally don't believe in killing yourself to loose weight nor going in those crazy crash diets (which i have no idea why people even do it). Loosing 2 lbs per week is the healthiest and best for your overall health and NO it doesn't involve starving yourself.

Okay lets get started, here are my tips on loosing up to 4lbs in 2 weeks :
  • Tip #1 Hide that Sugar or even better throw it in the trash and substitute it with honey. If your already accustomed to the taste  then this would be a breeze for you but for the rest of you, you may find it a little weird at first but you will get over it.
  • Tip #2 Take that delicious packet of chips/ popcorn /pretzels and throw it (don't cry though). Stop buying junk food for at least 2 weeks or until you reach your goal. 
  • Tip #3 Hydrate .. Yes i said it! drinking water is crucial for weight loss so have a bottle full of water always with you and drink up.
  • Tip #4 If you love sweet snacks and you pretty much crave ice cream and other delicious deserts then you can always substitute ice cream with sorbet which is low in calories (184) and only consists of fruit and syrup plus it comes in a variety of flavors. You can always make homemade Popsicles which are again healthier and even delicious!!
  • Tip #5 Have a light and preferably vegetarian dinner at-least 3 hours before you hit the sack. And make sure to drink lots of water
  • Tip #6 If you love Indian food especially rice and you just cannot give up on it then try eating in a smaller plate that way you can only put so much in it hence you will eat less. Of course you can go get more but that's where you have to stop and maybe keep the food out of sight.
  • Tip #7 Squeeze in that workout in the mornings since it will get those endorphins running and keep you in good spirits and positive at work place or home though out the day. You don't have to workout for hours but at least 20-30 minutes and don't forget to warm up so you wont end up hurting.
I think these are the tips that really worked for me and hopefully works for you too. Please do comment below if you have awesome tips to loose weight, i would love to know.


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