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When in doubt wear Maroon.

I have always wondered why the color maroon is so under-rated and i hardly see it on people nowadays.
Its the perfect color for fall, summer and even winter. Maroon is a dark brownish red color which takes its name from the french word 'marron', or 'chestnut'. Apparently the Oxford English Dictionary describes it as "a brownish crimson or claret color". Now there is a small difference between Maroon and Burgundy although they appear like siblings. Burgundy tends towards the red than the brown although it looks pretty similar.

I know some of you must be like "pshhhhh i knew that"!!! Okay this is for girls like me who get a little confused with colors sometimes (I ain't no fashion designer ).
  Alrighty then! Now that we got our facts right, lets get to the fun stuff which is.. styling maroon outfits.
Oops! Before I get into that let me just tell you that growing up i have always felt that maroon is always the 'Mom-approved' color ... well at least mine did. If you had a mom like mine who was little paranoid about what her daughter wears and the color she chooses, then we would be on the same page here. Ha..! the typical Indian/ Pakistani mothers ( I had a lot of Pakistani friends who completely shared the same experience) who had to approve your outfits before you step out especially for an event like a family gathering. Well that would make an interesting blog post now wouldn't it.. and i probably have the title 'The paranoid Indian Mom' (have a sense of humor people). Sorry for going off topic ...
So i was inspired to make this post after buying a beautiful maroon skinny fit jegging , at first i was a little skeptical on how to rock it, but a little research and "BAM"!! You know when you read those fashion magazines and they say that every girl "must haves" is the little black dress... well i feel like every girl or should i say every "Desi" girl must-have should be The little black Maroon dress! Do i sound obsessed with the color maroon already...?..(grinning)
 There are 3 items you should keep in your closet that's maroon to look and feel stylish and they are........... (drum rolls !!) :

 1. 'The little black maroon dress' :  Oh the beauty of that maroon dress on our skin is just too hard to resist. I feel like the Indian girl ranges from the top of the complexion chart to the bottom (fairest to darkest). The color maroon on every complexion brings out and compliments the complexion of the skin so freaking well. You can have the day look as well as the sultry night look with the maroon dress with minimum accessories. For example, I love how Mindy Kaling sports it so well with a black cardigan and leopard print shoes (although i am not a fan of leopard print), i would rather wear a beautiful pair of nude/ black pumps with it. I dont think shes wearing any kind of statement necklace or chunky earrings, which i feel is very chick and simple. I feel like the color maroon also brings out the color of your eyes when lined with kajal/ eyeliner.

2. The Pants : I prefer women wear pants that are straight cut or skinny fit unless you have those perfectly shaped legs and the CONFIDENCE to pull it off, maybe the latter being the most important.
OK the infinite possibilities to wear a maroon skinny fit pants and the look is just soo gorgeous!! My favorite look would definitely be the maroon pants and white/cream top with paler or nude shoes. Here are a few examples of celebrities rocking maroon pants. If you are wearing a top thats white be sure to pair it with a beautiful piece of statement necklace and a watch/ bracelet.

 3. The lipstick : I cant speak enough good things about the maroon lipstick on the Indian woman,  its just too beautiful. If you have fuller lips like mine I think a matte maroon lipstick would look beautiful. I personally love the L'Oreal infallible lipstick in the color everlasting plum ( I am not sure if it is discontinued) despite the name, it comes off as maroon on the lips. You can wear it with some eyeliner and mascara and your good to go especially for a dinner date with your special someone or even a girls night out. Its the perfect lip color ladies for fall, especially when paired with white and neutral colors, the lipstick just adds to your overall look.

That sums up the 3 maroon items you should keep in your closet.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed making it. Comments and suggestion are always welcome, Thank You and  have a fabulous day!


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